The annual CppCon 2017 conference kicks off on the 24th day of September 2017. It will run right through to the 29th of September. This year’s event will be taking place at the Meydenbauer Conference Center in Bellevue, Washington.

CPPCon is the annual C++ community conference which is supported by the Standard C++ Foundation. More information about the Foundation can be found here.

Highlights of the CppCon 2017 Conference

Bjarne Stroustrup will kick off the event with a keynote address. Then there will be the panel featuring experts in C++.

Also of interest are going to be presentations by the C++ community. They will discuss the latest in tools, libraries, and techniques. These will cover a wide variety of domains.

There will be fast, less formal talks in C++ related topics with the Lightning talks sessions.

Finally, it would not be complete without time to unwind. This has been provisioned in the evening events and “unconference” time. This is where attendees can socialize, network, and even dig into some light coding.