Node Congress 2021, A two-day conference on all things Node.js, gathering Back-end and Full-stack engineers across the globe in the cloud from February 18 – 19, 2021.

The event features conference talks, virtual networking activities, interactive entertainment, and engaging challenges for all participants.

The topic areas include TypeScript, Fastify, Sails.js, AWS CDK, Express, IoT, Performance, Large Scale Apps, Testing, Observability, Security, and Node.js in the Cloud.

The line-up of speakers and instructors include:

  • James M Snell is Head of Research at NearForm, USA, and a contributor to Node.js core
  • Anna Henningsen of MongoDB Developer Tools team, Germany
  • Vladimir de Turckheim, Web security engineer, Sqreen, France
  • Matteo Collina, NearForm, Italy
  • Eran Hammer, Sideway Inc., USA, and Hapi.js contributor
  • Ruben Bridgewater, Principal IT Architect for MaibornWolff GmbH, Germany
  • Liz Parody, Head of Developer Relations at NodeSource, Colombia
  • Colin Ihrig, Node.js Technical Steering Committee, USA
  • Bethany Griggs, Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, UK, and a Node.js Technical Steering
  • Committee Member.
  • Ethan Arrowood, Software Engineer at Microsoft, USA and open-source maintainer for Fastify
  • Talia Nassi, developer advocate at Split Software, USA
  • Thomas Hunter II of, USA
  • Ruben Casas, Software Engineer and Architect of American Express, UK
  • Milecia McGregor, Senior software engineer at Conducto, USA
  • Slobodan Stojanović CTO of Cloud Horizon, Montreal Canada, and CTO of Vacation Tracker, Serbia
  • Nader Dabit of Amazon AWS, USA
  • Alejandro Oviedo of X-Team, Argentina
  • Tejas Kumar of G2i, Germany
  • Zoe Steinkamp, Software Engineer at InfluxData, USA
  • Antony Bello, Software engineer, frontend at Retool, USA
  • Austin Moninger of the Customer engineering team at Retool, USA
  • Chinmay Gaikwad, Technical Evangelist at Epsagon, USA
  • Avital Tzubeli of Vonage, Israel
  • Shivay Lamba, CTO at DarkHorse Analytic, India
  • Yonatan Kra, software architect at Vonage, Israel
  • Ryan Severns, Ryan Severns is Co-Founder & COO at StackHawk, USA

Get more details about the Node Congress 2021 virtual event from the official website below.