Qt World Summit Online 2020 Virtual Event dubbed Developer experience. User experience. Customer experience this October.

The event takes place online on October 22, 2020. This is the first immersive 3D QtWS. The setting will be in a virtual, 3D-rendered, Palm Springs. Attendees will simply create their avatar to partake in a fully immersive online conference where you will be able to watch the event.

The event will feature news on Qt tools and features, more on Qt 6, and technical talks on Qt design Studio, MCUs, Qt Creator, performance optimization, and more.

Some of the notable speakers lined up include Patrick Lorton, CTO at Shrödinger, Jeff Cotter, Feature Automotive Engineer at Ford, Nicolai Josuttis, Author, consultant, and member of the C++ standardization committee, and Lars Knoll, Chief Architect at The Qt Company.

Find out more about the upcoming Qt World Summit Online 2020 virtual event including registration information from the official event website here.