Make a date and join the DEV/DES DAYS 2021 virtual event for the community organised by The Qt Company taking place from May 18-21, 2021 online.

The event welcomes over 3000 software developers and designers to get inspired by keynotes and learn from hands-on sessions and each other. There will be discussions centered on designer-developer collaboration and skills development.

Some of the speakers include Jared Spool who is a writer and speaker and Jeffrey Hammond of Forrester Research Limited. Linda Liukas, author and illustrator of Hello Ruby, a children’s picture book about the whimsical world of computers, as well as the founder of Rails Girls.

Other speakers are Harrison Donahue, Brook Cronin, Thomas Hartmann, Santtu Ahonen, Shawn Dorsey, Aurindam Jana, Maurice Kalinowski, Miao Luo, Allesandro Portale, Tino Pyssysalo, Corey Pendleton, and Jarko Vihriälä, all of The Qt Company.

Then there is Andy Gryc of Third Law Autotech marketing, Stefan Larndorfer of Sequality, Christian Ecker of Viewpointsystem GmbH, Farshad Tavakoli of Mender, Prashanth Udupa of VCreate Logic, Daven Sanassy and Alan Dowling of Vochlea, Mateusz Skoczylas and Przemysław Nogaj of Siili Auto, Xavier Claro and Guy Ntonfo of Futurae, Mickael Haudebourg of Renesas, Andrew Babkin and Taimoor Tanweer of ICS, Günther Teufl of FELGO, Berthold Krevert of basysKom, Florian Dordain and Maxime Boutrouille of Tesseract, Walt Stuart and Luigi Milia of Mathworks, Patrick Kennedy of NXP Semiconductors, Marius Dege of basysKom, and Tomasz Pawlowski and Nicholas Medeiros of Froglogic.

To follow up on the latest news, registration, and attendance information, please visit the DEV/DES DAYS 2021 virtual event website below.