The Kotlin 1.4 online 2020 event takes place from October 12–15, 2020. This virtual event will be taking place online.

This event will be a deep dive into the latest JetBrains Kotlin release.

There will be a technologies overview and in-depth tech talks from the Kotlin team targeting beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

In the Virtual Booth attendees will be able to chat with Kotlin team members where you can share feedback, consultations, and more.

Finally, there will be a Treasure Hunt which is a series of 16 mini-tests to check what you’ve learned from the talks. where you can win Kotlin merch, JetBrains product licenses, and other prizes. Winners will be selected randomly from entrants.

For more information about the event, times, speakers, and topics, please visit the official Kotlin 1.4 online 2020 event page below.