Microsoft Build 2021 digital event kicks off this May 25–27, 2021 with a series of sessions to discover solutions and sharpen skills.

This event promises an experience where attendees through the connection zone will find solutions with expert-guided experiences. In the learning zone, there will be plenty of content to allow the novice or professional progress. Attendees will be able to book time with an expert to get the technical answers to problems.

There will also be product roundtables where you can join group discussions between you and the product teams. Under the Cloud skills challenges, one can complete a series of learning modules for the chance to win prizes and to expand one’s skillset.

Featured speakers for this three-day event include Satya Nadella CEO Microsoft, Amanda Silver CVP of Product, Developer Tools Microsoft, Donovan Brown Partner Program Manager Microsoft, Kayla Cinnamon Program Manager Microsoft, Scott Guthrie EVP, Cloud + AI Group Microsoft, Leslie Richardson Program Manager II VS and .Net Microsoft, Scott Hanselman Partner Program Manager Microsoft, Anna Hoffman Data & Applied Scientist II Microsoft, Rajesh Jha EVP, Experiences + Devices Microsoft, Kevin Scott CTO Microsoft, Deborah Chen Senior Program Manager, Data-CosmosDB Microsoft, Charles Lamanna CVP, Low Code Application Platform Microsoft, Jeffery Ma VP, Startups Microsoft, Mary Anne Noskowski Program Manager Microsoft, Jeff Teper CVP of Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint Microsoft.

You can find out more details about Microsoft Build 2021 from the event website listed below.