The PHPKonf Istanbul 2020 online PHP conference takes place on 12th December 2020. The event features up-to-date content about PHP.

With over 600 delegates, speakers, and sponsors, this online PHP conference is an event that features PHP and related web technologies content. Countless networking opportunities with international speakers and delegates are also available. The time set for the event is 11.00 am UTC+3.

The event will host over 600 sponsors, delegates, and speakers such as Taylor Otwell – creator of Laravel, Ersoy Pempe – senior software architect at Insider, Marcel Pociot – CTO at Beyond Code, Ozan Akcora – founder of RG Bilişim, Mehmet Karci – head of Backend at Masomo, and Anton Titov – creator of RoadRunner among others.

Visit the official PHPKonf Istanbul 2020 online PHP conference page below for registration and schedule information.